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Jakob Rhis

"Wissen Sie warum ich Sie so mag?!? Erstens haben Sie ein so lustiges, rundes Gesicht und zweitens gibt es so wenige unter uns, die nichts zu sagen haben und sich auch daran halten."

"Kampf-Training?!? Sehen DIESE Schuhe nach Kampf-Training aus?"

Jakob Rhis kam das erste Mal im Mai 2007 zur Einladung der Toreador nach Berlin. Dort traf er nicht nur einen großen Teil der hiesigen Camarilla, sondern sah auch nach langer Zeit seine Erzeugerin wieder.
Er erklärte, dass er gedenkt, zukünftig Bürger von Berlin zu werden, da er die Geschäftsleitung von Sotheby's in Berlin übernommen hatte. Aber nicht nur der Handel mit Kunst scheint ihn zu interessieren. Er ist selbst Künstler, sammelt Kunstwerke und Antiquitäten verschiedenster Art, ist sehr am pulsierenden Nachtleben Berlins interessiert und vor allem: Er ist immer beschäftigt.



A silly and very contrived discipline of fluid sexuality, gender bending, and society’s inherent attraction to gay culture.

Level 1 — Lisp

Charisma + Appearance versus Willpower

Drawing on the worst and best stereotypes of the gay community, a Toreador using Queerness 1 can either entrance those with fag hag tendencies or repel homophobes. It plays on the latent emotions of the subject, but the subjects are very specific.

„Entrance fag hag“ works only on a person of the opposite gender as the Toreador using the discipline, i.e., a man using Queerness 1 can entrance females and a woman using it will attract men. The specific people attracted by Queerness 1 are heterosexuals who have any of the following personality characteristics: they have a lot of gay friends; they act and/or appear contrary to their gender type (macho straight women, effeminate hetero men); they enjoy many of the stereotypical aspects of gay culture; they cross-dress or enjoy watching cross-dressers; or they are physically attracted to the Toreador using Queerness. The effect of this discipline will make the subject want to be around the Toreador, flatter the Toreador, and possibly buy things for the Toreador.

„Repel homophobes“ works on people of any gender who have a latent or expressed dislike for homosexuals or gay culture, either as a whole or selectively. This action of the discipline plays on any trace of homophobia in the subject, even if the subject is gay himself. The effect of this discipline is that the subject will not want to be in the Toreador’s presence. Gay bashing is not likely — the subject will not want to make that close of contact.

Level 2 — Snap

Charisma + Intimidation versus Intelligence + Influence

The effect of this discipline is that the Toreador’s opinion on a specific subject matter is taken as prized and important and will be agreed with completely by the subject. The subject will then act accordingly. In a sense, the subject is entranced by the Toreador’s good taste and judgment and will not wish to disagree with it in any way.

For example: a Toreador proclaims to a mortal art collector that the paintings of the Toreador’s childe are fabulous. The art collector owner agrees whole-heartedly and decides to buy the paintings for an outrageous sum of money. The art collector feels he is lucky to own such a well-praised painting (even if the painting is actually a piece of crap with -3 Artistic Expression!).

Level 3 — Dish

Charisma + Wit versus Perception

This useful discipline enables the Toreador to gain and exchange information in social situations, without the subject being aware of the importance of the topic. It can also be used between Toreadors to exclude others from the true meaning of conversations in social situations.

By using Queerness 2, a Toreador can ask the subject a question and receive a direct, honest answer, but the subject will only remember having a pleasant, trivial conversation with the Toreador. For every success, the Toreador may ask one question. The subject may challenge, and, if she wins, she does not have to answer the question, though she will not remember the conversation as very important unless the Toreador loses the challenge by more than 4 points or botches.

Two or more Toreadors may employ Queerness 3 to hold sensitive conversations in public without divulging their true subject matter. If someone challenges, that person must individually challenge each Toreador, in order of physical closeness. If the challenger wins with one Toreador, she will have heard the sentence most recently said by that Toreador only.

Level 4 — Drag

Charisma + Appearance versus Perception + Empathy

This level of Queerness enables the Toreador to cross-dress to great effect. The effect can be directed into either sexual attraction in the subject (when a Realistic Drag is intended) or an amiable, gentle friendship (when a Comedic Drag is used). For either method, the Toreador needs to simply put on the basic garments of the opposite sex and then employs Drag.

For Realistic Drag, the Toreador will appear as a convincing and attractive person of the opposite sex — the level of attraction will be determined by the Toreador’s Appearance level. When in Realistic Drag, the Toreador will look like a opposite gendered version of him or her self.

For Comedic Drag, the Toreador will appear like a cliche man/woman in drag and will obviously be just wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. The subject will perceive the Toreador as a gentle, benign, slightly humorous, and very friendly Drag Queen, and will try to befriend the Toreador.

Level 5 — Outing

Charisma + Manipulation versus Wits + Politics

Outing is the publicly naming of someone as gay, regardless of the subject’s actual sexual orientation. This can be a powerful tool for humiliating homophobes and causing trouble for public figures.

To use Queerness 5, the Toreador has to spend some time spreading the word that the subject is gay and ashamed of it. This can be done one-on-one or through the media (if the Toreador has media ties or allies). The effect is immediate and long lasting, since most people will believe the Toreador or at least suspicion will be raised. If the subject challenges the Toreador and wins, the subject will still need to use his media connections (or make deals with others who have media connections) to completely restore his reputation, and even that may not be effective for particularly repressed subjects.

– By Trystan L. Bass


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